Jaski Art Gallery
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Back in our own gallery with CoBrA and contemporary show


Emilio Kruithof – Story of Touches


Chris Berens – The Wake Up Call

The renovation of our gallery is finally finished. This means that the varied exhibition, with contemporary and CoBrA works, that we showed in the building next door, has been moved to our own gallery again. We show originals as well as graphic works.

During this exhibition we have created space for works from contemporary artists like Chris Berens, Les Deux Garçons, Emilio Kruithof, Rob Scholte, Bram Bogart, Cole Morgan, Miguel Delie, Takashi Murakami and Andy Warhol.

CoBrA-artists like Karel Appel, Corneille, Constant, Pierre Alechinsky, Eugène Brands, Anton Rooskens, Lucebert, Hugo Claus, Asger Jorn, Carl Henning Pedersen, Jacques Doucet and Theo Wolvecamp are also represented by us.