Jaski Art Gallery

Femke Hiemstra
(Zaandam, 1974)

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unknown-1Born and raised in Zaanstad, the Netherlands, in a nature-loving family, Femke Hiemstra (1974) wanted to be a veterinarian. Then a forest ranger. And then ‘something’ with horses.

She ended up choosing the creative route, following the artistic call inside to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator. Her distinctive style quickly captured attention and later she found success as a fine artist, showing in galleries across the globe and boasting an impressive collector and fan base.

Her dreamlike and cleverly humourous paintings and drawings traditionally feature anthropomorphic flora and fauna in darkly fantastical narratives. She uses acrylic paint or graphite pencil on various (found) canvasses, and her work is shown at galleries in Europe, the US and Australia. She now calls the Dutch capital Amsterdam her hometown.