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Tom Wesselmann
(Cincinnati, 1931 - New York, 2004)

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Tom Wesselmann

Around the sixties the movement of Pop Art artists arose, the painters of icons of the consumer society, like the soup tin, the comic strip and the gambling machine.

One of the prominent personalities of the young Pop Art generation was Tom Wesselmann. He studied psychology in his city of birth and went to the Academy of visual arts. Until his death in 2004 he lived and worked in New York City.

Tom Wesselmann is the painter of the still life with the tin of Del-Monte Fruit Cocktail (1962). But he became particularly famous by the series of paintings entitled ‘Great American Nude’ with which he created sensation because of the provoking depiction of his nudes.

His subjects are derived from the world of ‘naughty girls, fast food and Coca Cola’. Wesselmann’s work can be seen in the collections of important museums like the Museum of Modern Art in New York or the Tokyo Central Museum.