Chris Berens

Auntie Tumnus and her Babies

mixed media on panel
19 x 13 cm 2022

Auntie Tumnus is a quaint lady. She likes rain. And wind. And cold. And darkness.

The dark is a welcome pendant of the light, she said. She teaches her babies to ride the storm instead of to seek shelter and wait for it to pass. As one thing is for certain, only in darkness can on see the light, and this too shall pass. What you do in the meantime, is up to you. She encourages her babies to look closer whenever they feel the urge to look away. Not to be afraid of the dark, but to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that it illuminates the noise and reveals the stars.

ANTIE TUMNUS is synchronized with the circle of life. She does not fear death or deterioration, she sees the beauty in the breakdown, and she finds her magic in nature.

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