Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
100 x 60 cm 2022

Avi provides a place of comfort for all the members of the Hug Squad. It is her bedroom, her observation post, her cabin, engine room, flight deck, headquarters. She makes sure everyone can recharge.

The things that recharge them vary from person to person, creature to creature.

Some recharge through sleep, others through heightened consciousness.

Some through solitary confinement, others through connection.

Some reflect, others gaze into infinity.

She makes sure everyone can find rest, be themselves and be at peace. She does so, by dreaming. Here she is at home. Here she is at peace. Here, she is the Aviator.

AVI has dreams. There’s so much she wants to do. There’s so much she wants to be. She wants to be a pilot. She wants to be an explorer. A scientist. An adventurer. Biologist. Zoologist. Writer. Painter. Designer. Wizard. And that’s okay. As long as there’s still time, all is possible. As long as it’s not too late, possibilities are endless.

And it’s never too late.

Now is a good time to start dreaming.

Now is a good time to make them come true.

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