Chris Berens


mixed media on paper
26 x 18 cm 2022

Brunhild is a shieldmaiden, a female warrior. For some reason, she is sometimes lovingly referred to as a valkyrie.

She will meet you mid-battle when things are going South and ask what you need. It’s not like you can ask for anything though. She has two options really. Well, three. First, you can keep going and she’ll go about her business. But that one doesn’t really count, as it’s not much of an option, given her timing and the size of the pile of crap you’re in.

So two options. There she suddenly is. She can guide you to the left, where there’s this great big sunny meadow, you’re welcome to use. Just take a load off, lie in the grass, eat a buttercup, drink from a shepherd’s purse, that sort of thing.

The other option will take you to this majestic, enormous hall. Inside the hall with a gold ceiling Brunhild has been slaving away all day to make this magnificent feast. Just for you. And a couple of other guys who look like they too can use a refreshment.

She looks like the main character in a saga or a poem. She is a powerful Amazon-like queen. Once you see her, you immediately know it’s her. Just remember, she’s on your side and both options are fine. It doesn’t matter which path you take, just take her hand and leave the mud pool.

BRUNHILD picks you up when you’re down. She offers you a way out. You will have to go the distance yourself, but she will give you the strength and the confidence to do so.

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