Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
18 x 13 cm 2020

Caspar is a famous botanist. He stems from a long line of scientists suffering from a rare condition that resulted in the subject of their specialties manifesting out of the tops of their heads. After the mysterious passing of his grandfather the zoologist specialized in elephants; his father the planetologist and his uncle and fellow botanist and cartographer of the forests of Europe, he took on the job of finishing the uncompleted books his uncle left him.

He wisely decided to focus on the smaller species. He managed to complete and publish several works of importance on exotic plants. At the moment he is preparing a dissertation on ferns. It’s quite interesting and a lot of fun, but it does attract big bugs. He might consider a career of hat designer next.

CASPAR loves everything that grows. He is focused on organisms in distress or need of love and care. He can pick up on even the smallest of disturbances in the force and is happy to write a book about all your fears, anxieties, concerns, worries and pet peeves.

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