Chris Berens

Catharina and her Henri

mixed media on panel
26 x 18 cm 2022

Catharina is a noblewoman. An art lover in the broadest of ways. Everything she does echoes the festivities for which Catherine's court is famous. The fĂȘtes, picnics, and mock battles of the magnificent entertainments, all hosted and designed by Catherina.

The musical shows in particular allow Catherina to express her creative gifts. They are usually dedicated to the ideal of peace in the realm and based on mythological themes. To create the necessary dramas, music, and scenic effects for these events, Catherina employs the leading artists and architects of the day. Historians already call her "a great creative artist in festivals." Catherine gradually introduces changes to the traditional entertainments. A distinctive new art form emerges from these creative advances. Owing to its synthesis of dance, music, verse, and setting, the production she is about to perform will later be regarded by scholars as the first authentic ballet there ever was.

The legend that Catharina introduced a long list of techniques and utensils to process citrus fruits for the first time is a myth commonly discredited by most food historians and attributed to the invention of the limelight by her faithful husband, King Henri.

CATHARINA has vision. She takes things to a higher level and does not need to do it all by herself. When she sees a talent in others, she will gladly share the limelight.

HENRI takes pride in the little things. He enjoys seeing others shine and will make an effort to put them in the spotlights.

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