Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
12 x 12 cm 2020

Darius is the world’s largest bunnyrabbit. To be more specific, he is Giant Country’s smallest bunnyrabbit. He had been living in Giant Country as much for the entertainment as to the confusion of the Giants. Giants would be amused to tears by the size of this tiny bunnyrabbit one moment and utterly confused as they would lose it the next, due to their clumsiness and species-specific myopia.

“Wheresitgone?” They would shout. And when they would find him, they would squeal his name in utter euphoria: “Darius!” One day, Darius found a bunnyrabbithole, leading him straight to our side of this world, where he was lovingly taken in by a family who eventually guessed his name through the exhausting process of exclusion.

DARIUS is all coziness and fluff. He’s so happy to be part of your family and thrilled you now know his name.

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