Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
18 x 13 cm 2020

A magical white owl called Desirée, who despised the light, foretold a childless queen that she would soon have a daughter, told her to name the little girl Desirée and to invite the owl to her 1st birthday. In return, all the world would remain dark, as the owl loved the dark. He failed to mention the enchantment would last only as long as the dark.

On her first birthday, the little girl Desirée, who had never seen the light, wished for a magic, luminous dandelion to appear and for her to blow all the radiant fluff into the world so that she could finally see the world. Her wish was granted, she blew out the fluff into the world, and she transformed back into the owl’s long-time companion, a magical white doe.

DESIRÉE is the gentlest of creatures. She loves the dark but also enjoys spreading light and joy. She embraces your dark side just as much as the light within you.

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