Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
26 x 18 cm 2022

Genevieve is a heroine of medieval legend. The story concerns a virtuous red panda falsely accused of infidelity. She runs away and seeks refuge in an enchanted forest.

An enchanted forest is a forest under, or containing, enchantments. An enchantment is a formula triggering a magical effect on a living organism or object. Magic is the application of rituals or actions employed to cause and attract supernatural forces.

The supernatural involves phenomena that are not subject to the laws of nature.

An enchanted forest represents unknown places, and situations of liminality and transformation. The forest can serve as either a place of threatening danger, or one of refuge, or a chance at adventure.

You are Genevieve. It’s your story. You decide.

GENEVIEVE is in control of her own destiny. She has learned that facts are as infinite as they are futile. Facts in itself are meaningless. It is the decision of what facts to focus on and what facts to ignore that makes your truth. And truth is subjective. And never be afraid to change your truth to your needs.

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