Chris Berens

Isaak and Rebecca

mixed media on panel
26 x 18 cm 2022

Isaak and Rebecca have seemingly been in the same place for centuries. Facts and meaning have been subject of speculation since before their arrival. Spectators, passers-by, travelers and day trippers have in the past identified the couple as a Jewish father bestowing his blessings upon his daughter on her wedding day.

This interpretation is no longer accepted, and the identity of the couple is uncertain. The ambiguity is heightened by the lack of anecdotal context, leaving only the central universal theme, that of a couple joined in love. Speculative suggestions as to the couple's identity have ranged from an artist’s son and his bride, to a poet and his wife as well as several couples from the Old Fairytale.

ISAAK AND REBECCA are the embodiment of love and respect. No matter the connection, no matter the background story, the power of expressions of the tender fusion of spiritual or physical love transcends culture, time and place.

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