Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
18 x 13 cm 2020

JOHANNA, Hans to her friends, is a mycologist and the first lagomorph professor. She comes from a wealthy, intellectual and artistic family of doctors and is the oldest of seventy-three children.

As a child she refused to take embroidery classes and told her mother she would make sure she would earn enough carrots to have all her cleaning duties done for her when she was grown up.

She became a loved and legendary teacher. She wrote over 70 publications and with every graduation ceremony, she had a tradition of making geese, wearing fashionable bows parade around the burrows. Besides her surreal sense of humor, she was known by her close friends as loving to party, drink and dance and without an interest in marriage or reproduction.

JOHANNA is a teacher and a role model. She is keen on passing along her knowledge as well as her utter disrespect of protocol or social expectations.

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