Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
18 x 13 cm 2020

Juno is a divine creature. She is made from light and transfers it onto the world. Where she goes flowers start to grow, birds start to sing and babies start to giggle. She lives by the cycle of the moon and uses its powers to manifest her dreams.

She is a domestic goddess and takes pride in making her home a warm and safe place. She loves decorating, making art and arranging flowers. She will usually have a pot simmering on the stove and fumes in all the colors of the rainbow drifting out of her chimney.

She’s always in a good mood, she’s caring and kind and has the ability to make you feel good about yourself. She is a healer and makes your sadness simply dissolve in her light. Also, she likes birds. She talks to them and her best friend is a peacock.

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