Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
19 x 13 cm 2022

Ratty is a busy little bee. He’s full of restless energy and likes to do stuff. He’s not a great thinker, no world leader, but he sure can run like the wind. He runs up and down this colossal Juniper tree to carry messages between the bird, perched atop the tree, and the serpent, who dwells beneath the tree roots. The bird knows a lot and wants to convey his findings and impart wisdom. The snake interprets and speculates.

For ratty there is no truth or lies. There’s no right or wrong. No up or down. There’s only here and now. He just tries to remember what the snake said. Then he runs and runs and delivers the message and then tries not to forget what the bird tells him.

RATTY is honest. He doesn’t let anyone truth or gossip affect him. He knows there’s no such thing as truth. Or gossip. There’s only assumptions, interpretations and intent. Information he receives does not change the world and therefor does not change the way he sees it.

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