Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
12 x 12 cm 2020

Sedna was once a girl who thought she was so breathtakingly beautiful, no man she had ever met deserved her. When she came of age, her father commanded her to marry the first person to enter the city, which happened to be a cloaked raven. The raven took her to his nest high up on a cliff in the midst of the open sea, but she did not care for it at all and she wanted to go home.

So, her father paddled to her rescue in his kayak and she jumped off the cliff into the kayak. She missed the kayak and crashed into the ocean and all of her toes and fingers snapped off. They slowly floated to the bottom of the sea, transforming into seals, sea lions, otters and walruses. Sedna too sank into the deep blue of the ocean where she was metamorphosed into a beautiful whale. All of her deep-sea friends gathered round her and worshipped her. There she has resided as the goddess of the sea ever since.

SEDNA will help you find your place in life and in this world. If you feel like you’re not good enough for your surroundings, or too good for that matter, that only means you’re not in the right place. She will take you by the hand and travel the world with you and stick with you, just as long as it takes to find your true shape, your place and your home.

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