Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
18 x 13 cm2020

WENDI is a wendigo. The first one, and if it’s up to her, the only one.

Wendi is over 15 feet tall, red eyes and mouth and matted with fur. She was once human but was transformed into a kind monster centuries ago because she resorted to some bad chicken while lost out in the remote forests. She still has the ability to take on human form in order not to scare her guests and invite them to her dinner table.

Wendi roams the desolate places away from civilization. She waits for exhausted travelers to pass by who will generally hear Wendi’s voice calling their names faintly in the wind. A warm breeze reminiscent of home then leads them into a warm and cozy cave, where Wendi will serve a crispy roasted chicken and some veggies while there’s a fruit cobbler in the oven.

WENDI looks out for you when you’re lost in the woods. She will take you in, take care of you and comfort you and make sure you’ll recuperate and revitalize so you can get you back on your feet and out into the storm again.

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