Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
26 x 18 cm 2022

DOMO is a member of the the Domovoy . This guy is called Domo. There are thousands of them, And they’re all called Domo. The Domovoy are believed to protect the well-being of one family in any of its aspects.

A family can only have one Domo. And people can never meet or see another family’s Domo. Unless you don’t have a family and therefor no Domo and then are accepted into a family with a Domo. Domo is very protective towards the children and the animals of the house, constantly looking after them.

These guys are believed to share the joys and the sorrows of the family they choose to stick with, and to be able to forebode and warn about future events, such as the imminent sickness or misfortune of a kindred person or other calamities which may threaten the welfare of the family. The Domovoy become angry and reveal their demonic aspect if the family is corrupted by bad behaviour and language. In this case, your Domo may even quit and leave the family unprotected against illness and calamity. You might grin or chuckle, but do not underestimate the demonic aspect of your Domo. Or the positive effect your Domo has on you and your family.

DOMO is a family man. Anyone can be family. He feels very strongly about the concept of family. You treat your family with respect and love and the one who treats you with love and respect is your family.

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