Chris Berens


mixed media on panel
26 x 18 cm 2022

Gabrielle is the daughter of a king and a fairy. Gabrielle's mother has broken the laws of fairy society by falling in love with a human, so she is sentenced to remain in the fairy region and as an extra punishment, her daughter Gabrielle is sentenced to marry a hideous beast when she grows up.

Before Gabrielle's mother disappears, she manages to find a kind looking beast and she places it in a magically hidden abbey until Gabrielle grows old enough to meet him. She leaves a magic mirror in the abbey, so the hairy beast, called Lob, can look at his future wife and doesn’t have to feel so alone. Even though it’s a one-way-mirror, Gabrielle stands in front of it as often as she can.

GABRIELLE has an open mind. She will not be influenced by other people’s beliefs or superstitions, predictions or warnings. She will approach any situation with an open view, without prejudice, bias or preconception.

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