Bram Bogart

Delft, 1921 - Sint Truiden, 2012

The works of Bram Bogart are monumental in character. Thanks to his revolutionary application of materials and innovative technique, art historians consider him to be one of the most important representatives of what is known as material art.

The Dutch-born Belgian sculptor, ceramist, painter and graphic artist was born Abraham van den Bogaert in 1921. His formal art training comprised a brief period at the Fine Arts Academy in The Hague. As a young figurative painter he experienced an expressionist period and was particularly inspired by Permeke and Van Gogh.

He went on to call himself Bram Bogart, living alternately in the Netherlands, Italy and France. His work became increasingly abstract. In the Fifties he already ranked among the most progressive artists of the “Informele Groep“. In Paris he shared a house with CoBrA artists Appel and Corneille for a time, in the Rue Santeuil. He refused to join the movement, however, judging it to be too impulsive.

After experimenting with geometrical motifs (circles and crosses) and Japanese calligraphy while living in Brussels in the Sixties, he reached a turning point when his experimentation with materials led him to create and start using a concrete-like slurry made with linseed oil, varnish, colour pigments, mortar and other ingredients. He started to work in a purely abstract-expressionist way, winning acclaim throughout the world for his sculptural canvases with their thickly-painted crusty layers.

In the last years of his life Bogart, who acquired Belgian citizenship in1969, turned to making multiples: works on special paper in limited editions.

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