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Chris Berens – Master of His Magical Universe

On ADocuChrisBscension Day, Thursday, May 29th, Avro’s Close Up broadcasted the documentary ‘Chris Berens – Master of his Magical Universe’. Berens was therefore followed for a year in his studio and at home with his family, but also during trips to Japan, where his show ‘Nensha’ saw the light in Tokio. Click here to see the documentary online.

“The interest in the world of spirits and animate objects that characterizes Japanese culture, inspired him to ‘Nensha'”, says Close Up. “At least as special as his subjects, is his special technique. This results in images that are enchanting, but also ominous. ‘I always look for the moment it is still pleasant, but it might just change. The moment that you feel that there could happen something, but you have no idea what’. This is how artist Chris Berens sees the scenes he creates.”

During the opening at Jaski of the traveling exhibition ‘Nensha’, on 16 February of this year, the documentary was first shown in our gallery. At Jaski is a DVD of the documentary available. “Nensha” was also on display in the Japan Museum Siebolthuis in Leiden.