'Miose' - Silas

21-10-2017 ... 05-11-2017

From Saturday 21 Toctober until Sunday 5 November, Jaski Gallery organized the exhibition ‘Miose’ with works from Silas. It was the first solo show at Jaski for the 41 years old artist from Rotterdam.

Silas Schletterer – his full name – was born and raised in Middelburg, The Netherlands. At the age of 19 he moved to Rotterdam to study Illustration at the Willem de Kooning academy of art, from which he graduated in 2000. After a couple of years of working as an illustrator, he decided to follow his heart and started focussing on his autonomous work. Today he makes a living as a contemporary artist.

Silas paints lonely young women and men, in quest for perfection and happiness. He was a member of the Dutch art collective Antistrot (1997 -2010). This renowned group of artists did shows all over the world (Tokyo, Miami, Dublin) including two solo exhibitions in New York and San Francisco. Currently Silas is one of the six members of the art collective KAMP HORST, established after the demise of its predecessor Antistrot. The main focus of its six members lies on making group paintings on both canvases and walls, but illustration and design also make up a big part of KAMP HORST’s body of work. He also produces music under the name Machinegewehr.

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