Jaski Art Gallery
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Jill Greenberg was back at Jaski. From May 3 un til May 25 we showed an exclusive selection from her famous series ‘Monkey Portraits’ and ‘End Times’, in which monkeys and crying babies are being portrayed.

In the early days of her impressive career, Jill Greenberg managed to make a break through portraying Hollywood personalities for numerous prestigious periodicals. Then she chose the direction of which this show is one of the breathtaking results. The Canadian/American photographer exhibited before at Jaski, with her series ‘Ursine’, in which bears were shown, and ‘Horses’, with pictures of horses.

An early adopter of digital effects, Jill Greenberg has developed a world that is more intense, more razor sharp than the one in which we actually reside. Click here for a review (in Dutch!) in De Telegraaf from May 9.End Times (13)Monkey Portraits (17)