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Carl-Henning Pedersen
(Kopenhagen, 1913 - 2007)

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Carl-Henning Pedersen

Carl-Henning Pedersen was a self-educated painter. In 1936 he startedhis career as a visual artist under the influence of Egill Jacobsen.From 1942 to 1949 he was a member of ‘Host’ and he belonged to a grouparound the magazine ‘Helhesten’.

In 1948 Pedersen, like some ofhis compatriots, joined CoBrA, although he did not particularly occupyhimself with the organisation and the theory of this movement. Contraryto Asger Jorn he always stayed in Denmark. Pedersen did participate inthe illustrious CoBrA exhibitions in Amsterdam(1949) and in Liege(1951). Besides the CoBrA magazine published his works. But for therest he preferred focussing on his own work. With his simple, almostornamental shapes and vivid, bright colours he impressed the otherCoBrA members considerably.

During that period Carl-HenningPedersen was very busy with children’s drawings, folk art, primitivepaintings from the middle-ages in church villages on Jutland and theart of primitive populations. Many of his colleagues only found theirown style after the CoBrA years. Pedersen’s post-war paintings of birds and gods in white and yellow colours, painted in dot technique, indicate that he already had his own style.

In 1976 a museum with works of Pedersen and those of his wife Else Alfelt was opened in Herning (Denmark). He did not let go of his dot technique with which he managed to get special light effects. The world of fables too, with birds, houses, trees, suns and gods kept him inspired until his death in 2007 at the age of 95, although his use of colours became more and more subdued.