Jaski Art Gallery

Miguel Delie
(Torhout, 1983)

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PortretMiguelMiguel Delie lives and works in Torhout (Belgium). He studied at the Art Academy in Bruges and then went to work as a stylist to develop and finance his art. Since five years, he concentrates entirely on his artistic skills.

“I adore trivial things”, Delie states. “Banality and consumption have become a social norm, which I embrace as an artist. My work is based on dreams and impossible expectations. It is fleeing fears and arises from it. I create illusions. I want the viewer to think about the illusions. They are memories without complexity , which also need to express joy. A carefree past where I want to pull the viewer from his daily path. Humor and color play an important role. I want the viewer to be happy about it. I target in my work always for order and perfection in the chaos of color and material. It is an abstract mass of dumped stuff , but with every step you take closer to this mass, the story comes more to life.”